An Inconvenient Truth:

“Must-See Motion Picture” and

“The Scariest Movie of the Summer”

Audiences everywhere respond to An Inconvenient Truth with spontaneous applause and standing ovations.

That’s because An Inconvenient Truth gives voice to a crisis that impacts us all: global warming. The facts are chilling and galvanizing individuals.

An-Inconvenient-Truth.com is an independent site established by fans to help promote this film in theaters and on DVD. We want everyone to see this film and help to spread its message.

Whether you see it in the theaters or not, we hope you share it with your friends, family, and community so that we can all start reducing our environmental impact.

While you wait for the DVD there are simple steps you can take to reduce your personal contribution to global warming. Our Personal Impact Audit Checklist will walk you through your home, room-by-room, and help you assess your energy efficiency.


Even the smallest lifestyle adjustments taken collectively can add up to significant reductions in global warming.

There is nothing more inspiring or more effective than Americans united behind a cause. We’re the most technologically advanced, highly educated, and wealthiest country on the planet. As a society, we’ve overcome tremendous challenges and done “the impossible” over and over again.


Reversing global warming is not a political issue. It’s a practical and realistic proposal. It’s our civic responsibility. If we, our children, and our children’s children want to continue living on Earth, it’s
an imperative. And we have to start today.

That’s why we put together this site. There’s a wealth of information, links, recommendations for books and movies, a blog – and of course, the Personal Impact Audit Checklist.  Just fill in your name and email, and we’ll send you the link so you can start reducing your impact today.

We hope you join us and then take a tour of the site. Thank you!



James Jacobson
Maui Media, LLC
Maui, Hawaii

Publisher of books ranging from dog cancer to Maui restaurants.